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The possibilities of human ingenuity and scientific advances seem to be limitless in our day.  Plants are genetically modified to produce food that meets predetermined criteria.  Basic building blocks of life are being manipulated for healing diseases and improving health.  However, the same basic techniques are used to produce cloned animals and there is much talk about doing the same with humans.  Such scientific activities raise many questions.

Are we in this age of genetic engineering tinkering with creation and playing God?  What are the proper perimeters and limits for human inquiry so that the distinction of Creator and creature is maintained?

Other questions arise.  With respect to genetically modified foods, is any risk involved in consuming them?  What safeguards are in place and how should we as Christians approach this area?  When it comes to medical research, questions arise as well.  What should be our attitude as Christians to these new developments and techniques?

The Burlington Reformed Study Centre organized two public evenings of speeches and discussions to address these issues.  This book will enable you to benefit from what was said during those enriching hours.