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Over the centuries, the enemies of Christianity, with Satanic shrewdness, have focused their attacks on the Bible, the Word of God, knowing that the surest way to discredit Christianity is to discredit its source.  Those enemies - rationalist and mystic, empiricist and scientific, religious and irreligious - have denied the clarity, the truthfulness, the sufficiency, the accuracy, and the divine origin of the 66 books of the Bible.  They have done so in order to support their own claims that another document (such as the Koran or the Book of Mormon), or an organization (such as the Roman Church-State or the Greek Orthodox Church), or an experience (such as visions and intuitions), or a method (such as scientific experimentalism), or a man (such as the pope) are the genuine source of knowledge.

By Scripture Alone is an articulate and reasoned defense of the principal doctrine of Christianity, The Bible alone is the Word of God, against one of Christianity's most persistent and determined foes: Roman Catholicism.